Just Imagine...

  • Being able to control your emotions by anchoring in a place of genuine love and trust.
  • Being able to free your heart from the emotional and physical armor that keeps you from receiving and giving love
  • Being able to deepen your mystical life force energy
  • Being able to trust your feminine heart's direction and intuition
  • Being able to allow your partner to meet you completely and honestly by reveal' vulnerability and beauty


What if there were a safe place with guidance where you get to fall in love with YOURSELF?


The Sacred Feminine Activation is an online course plus once a month Live Masterclass.
Surrounded by like-minded, talented, beautiful women from all over the world. A sacred place where you can feel safe, seen, and so loved.

Imagine a community where you can open up about your desires, challenges in life, and longings without fear or being judged.

Coming home in ‘Sisterhood.’

This Activation is a unique tailor-made program created to support you to build more confidence in the body, accumulate love, joy, and trust, and regularly invite greater satisfaction and pleasure.

A supportive community that encourages you to explore, align, and celebrate YOU, and your sensuality, desires, heart, and soul.

It is because of this course that I, myself, Humita Premmiela, started to Make Love with Life herself!

If you want to see change in your life, you need to be the change..

The sacred feminine energy is nurturing, soft, grounded with solid boundaries, and trusting of her intuition. She is so Sensual by nature. The sacred masculine energy is present, logical, and focused with a deep desire to protect and build. When these two energies work together within us, they create a divine union that allows us to embrace all that makes us human and holy.

For women, embracing the sacred feminine is about fully realizing her divine essence, standing in all her power, following her soul’s mission to create a more harmonious world. This doesn’t mean we are operating only from our feminine energy.

You may start meeting more women who are on that path as well, who completely own their feminine power and redefine what that even means. Women who are deeply connected to the earth and to nature and in sync with the rhythms of this planet. And women who are paving their own path and not the one that was laid out or expected of them. Our power gets stronger when we expand our range of masculine and feminine energies and our capacity to create from our hearts.

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♁ For women who are ready for the next chapter in life!

♁ For women who are longing for more than the one-dimensional lovemaking and believe that there is more to be gained from their intimate relationships

♁ For single ladies who wish to tap into their sensual energy to attract more than one-night romances

♁ For women who want to know how to benefit from their sensual energy into something more creative, energized, and long-lasting, called life force energy.

♁ For women who want to know how to use their receptive juicy feminine nature in daily life, work, and abundant wealthy life.

♁ For women who want to attract more effortless money

Are you ready to awaken your feminine essence?
Are you ready to attract more intimate interaction into your life?
Are you ready to begin living your most fulfilling life right now?
Is it a YES to cultivating unwavering love?















Duration 3 months


Do you know that feeling after you have attended a retreat, workshop, or training where you felt completely at ease, seen, and so joyful? Playing, growing, and having fun in a supportive, safe environment. That feeling of being on top of the world. ‘For a moment’ it feels like the best life you have ever had, that you are precisely where you want to be. These get-togethers make you feel at home, like a warm bath.

After attending these activities, you return home and miss the vibes right away. Sometimes it does stick for a couple of days, and then….there is that black hole.

We only felt these lovely experiences for a short time because we filled up the void inside us, a shortcoming, desire, or longing. Yet we choose a quick fix to fill up the gaps in our lives.

It’s not your fault actually. Because up till now, there was not something like what I offer you today with this Activation. Something to fill up the gaps between the bubbles/pink clouds sensations. Something long-lasting for real-life basically!

This Activation course and the Live Masterclasses are developed to make you feel good from the inside because everything is already with you. Nothing can ever leave you; you just forget!

Plus you also discover some new superpowers during these months, which you did not know you possessed. This is a three-month program that you can utilize for the rest of your life. We do the real work here… You will quickly put all you have learned into daily practice, so it stays with you forever. This course is designed for women who are ready to make a significant difference in their lives. It is for those who lead by example, the brave hearts, the ones we need to keep an eye on…



In only 3 months, you feel more alive, bubbles of joy and juicy than ever before!

A life where you can have it ALL, following your spark of joy with ease and grace.

Activated Sacred Feminine - you have embraced your passion, pleasure, and playfulness

More in touch with your desires and learn to play with them in everyday life.


Many participants who went before you also reported having a stronger and more active libido after joining this course. They feel more pleasure and intimacy in their lives.


Embrace your sensuality with a sense of soul, ease, and fulfillment. This program leaves women with the life-changing discovery that it is almost like a joyful bible for the feminine healing.


You are more aware of how beautiful you and your body are and appreciate the unique and special woman you are.

It brings your feminine energy into all you do in a day and directly affects how you relate with everyone you encounter.

It supports you to get to know oneself better, shedding layers you've been carrying for many years and layers you've built up over time to cover up, hide, or protect yourself.

Boosts your confidence and strengthens your relationships in life.


The Activation can also be helpful if you're going through a transition in your life, such as before or after pregnancy, before or after a relationship, before and after giving birth, and menopause. It will provide support for the challenges you are now facing. The course has the potential to transform you and your life completely.


A filled Magic Toolbox; bodily awareness, mindfulness, relaxation, and all of these practices, all of these tools, can assist you on your life adventure.


A Daily Sacred Ritual that serves you as the foundation for the rest of your life.


As a result, people say that they look forward to the new assignment every Saturday. You can easily and quickly include all of these tools and lessons into your daily routine, even if you have a hectic life, work and or household. It is definitely relaxing and enjoyable to do, and it produces immediate benefits. You won't even have to wait weeks to see the results.

Only 3 months of togetherness with long-term life-lasting results.


The most common excuse is that you don't have time. This is a type of self-sufficiency, fear for the unknown, and resistance to grow that holds you back.
Of course, you can make time for yourself if you want to. Allowing yourself time is a choice and an act of Self Love!

Self-discipline and commitment are essentials. You will be surprised how much you can do in a short period of time when attending this Activation. After, as the new version of you, time will never have a loaded role again in your life. As a side benefit, you learn to manage time effectively for work, relationships, and personal life.



Although there is a payment plan available for this course, the best investment you can ever make is in yourself. The thought of not having enough money is equal to I am not worth it… You are worth far more than a thousand or even a million euros. Activation of your Sacred Feminine and your Money Flow is the same energy, and this is what this course is also about. If you do not have sufficient funds at this time, please send us a private message, and we will see what we can do for you.










It is for the women who are in the driver's seat and in charge of their own lives.

Women who are officially done with playing small.

For those women who know that it is time to step up. ‘If not now then when’


For this women who say
YES to living their best life!
YES to have it ALL!
YES to love!


It's not for the one who thinks they are a victim of life.

Or the ones who think things are happening to them.

It’s not for you if you are still making excuses or if you are still saying things like "I don't have time" or "I don't have money." It is all right. If that is the case, you are just not ready yet. There is a lot of free material available, so hang out here love, in my energy, till you are 100 % ready; I wait as long as you need. But don’t waste time and fool yourself.


This Activation is designed for women who want it all in life.
No need to choose anymore….
They are maybe referred to as "too much."

I let you in on a bit of a secret. You can never be too much because being too much implies you are super extraordinarily talented and gifted. Your energy is impressive—a source of brightness. You are a true inspiration for others, and you have messages to share and words to speak!

Simultaneously, you came here to make a significant difference in the world. This is who you really are.

The entire room lights up when you walk in; you are the one who inspires and motivates others.

And now it is time to step up again!

It is time to Make Love with Life!


See you on the other side Sweetheart!

Much Love, Humita