The Female Way is going Live!


Where: Amsterdam 
When: 18th and 19th of February
Time: 09.00 – 18.00
Price 500 Euro
VIP arrangements : please contact us!

During a 2 day workshop The Female Way will come to you! With the help of some of the best international speakers and Guru’s we will inspire you and a group of likeminded woman. During this 2 day event in a mesmerizing venue in the heart of Amsterdam.

The Female Way focuses on the right balance between conscious living, luxury, abundance and Sustainability, but most importantly YOU! It’s your time to shine from the inside, to rock your career to live your ultimate sensual and sexual love life. You can have it all and are entitled to embrace all that you are, we hand you the tools to enter a mindset of acceptance and joy.

Since the years have passed, we distanced from ourselves a fear of being a full woman and everything that evolves her. At this point we live in a world where we are collectively upgrading our consciousness. We come from the era of the Pisces were power, greed and ego were ruling, right now we’re moving to the era of the Aquarius, an era of love, unity and light.

The female way is a sisterhood that is all about inspiration, intention, intimacy influence impact, I can, by living your shameless personal extraordinary live

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