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This is a Tribe of Women who hold an unshakable belief that it is your Birthright to be Sensual, Successful, and Spiritual.


At "The Female Way Academy," Humita and her team have created a nurturing environment where you can deepen your connection to your body, embrace your feminine essence, and awaken your sensuality.

By joining now, you're choosing to experience life and love to the fullest. The "Receiving Life & Love" online course is a transformative program that has already supported women in recent years, with numbers still growing. Incredible transformations have occurred, dreams have been realized, and healing has manifested. Today, you have the chance to be part of this.

After completing this program you will feel:

  • More confident and beautiful,
  • In love with yourself and life; embracing your body, breasts, intimate parts, all of you!
  • Totally inspired and brimming with creativity,
  • No longer just believing in magic, but depending on it in your daily life!
  • "Receiving Life & Love" could be your significant first step towards healing from Vaginismus and Dyspareunia.
You'll gain practical tools, exercises, and life experiences to start applying in your life today.


This opportunity is for women who are truly ready to elevate their lives, take responsibility, and choose themselves. These women are on a mission; they are here on Earth to make a difference.

This course is for you when you are curious about The Mysterious Tantric Way of Life and want to Awaken your Sensuality in a very effective, joyful, and pleasurable way with proven methods.

It is for you if you like to feel more alive and passionate.
It is for you if you like to invite more pleasure and intimacy in your life.
It is for you, if you choose to love yourself more and more every single day.
It is for you if you are ready to write your next chapter in life!

Being Sensual, Successful and Spiritual is your BIRTHRIGHT!

It is for those women, who are new in the field and also for the ones who have already lots of  experience - yet they want to deepen their spiritual and sensual practice.

You are very welcome love!


Let’s start this unforgettable journey!
Eleven weeks of pure joy and bliss await you, as well as the opportunity to confront both the dark and the light. You’ll learn all sorts of new things: meditations, tools, magical practices, enhanced by videos, audios, and lectures. This is a Tantric Way of Life, where sensuality, personal growth, and joy are priorities!

Remember, the effort you put in is proportional to what you get out of it. Every week, a mystical assignment will be yours to explore. We suggest a practice of at least 30 minutes per day. However, in the initial days, I strongly recommend dedicating an hour to your practice. And if you can spare 90 minutes each day, you’ll be able to delve deeper, fully embracing the practice until it seamlessly integrates into your life and becomes a beautiful habit. Essentially, you are to become the practice, which is, of course, our aim.

"Receiving Life & Love" has revolutionized not only my life but the lives of countless other women. With life-altering results and a satisfaction rate of 100%, the impact is undeniable—and we have only just begun.

This program represents a lifelong quest. For 38 years, I sought healing from esteemed doctors and therapists worldwide, investing over 100,000 euros in various trainings and workshops, and learning from the best teachers on the planet. Despite numerous setbacks and being told I would never heal, at 38, I experienced a pivotal transformation: I liberated myself sexually in the most profound way, released the pain forever, and fell in love with life and love.

'Receiving Life & Love' is about saying a resounding 'Yes' to life, transitioning from pain to passion with everything that exists and all that does not.

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A personal note from Humita:

Imagine a life where you're not just surviving, but thriving—where you're not last on your list, but the Shining Star. This is your invitation to step into that life.

This journey? It's for the woman who's tired of playing it safe, the one who's ready to explore the depths of her femininity without apology. If you're at this threshold, I'm here to walk with you, to celebrate your victories, and to support your transformation.

Let's hop on this adventure together. And as a token of this shared commitment, The Female Way Tribe is yours to enjoy for free until year's end.

Allow me to share with you the wonders that changed my world, and let's uncover how they will transform yours.

Anticipating our journey with excitement,

With love,
Humita Premmiela


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