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 VIP session of 90 minutes with Humita Premmiela herself.

 This is a Tribe of Women who believe
that it is your Birthright to be;
Sensual, Successful and Spiritual.


Humita and her team from "The Female Way Academy" provide a safe environment for you to deepen your connection with your body, embracing your feminine essence and awaken your sensuality.

Join now to receive life and love to the fullest.

Receiving Life & Love online course is life-changing program, supported more than hundred women already in the last months and still counting daily. Incredible transformations took place, dreams came true and healing took place. And today you have the opportunity to join yourself.

After this program you will feel:

  • more confident and beautiful
  • you are in love with yourself and with life; your body, breasts, intimate parts, ALL!
  • you are totally inspired and full of creativity
  • you will not believe in magic, but you will rely on magic on a daily basis!
  • Receiving Life & Love can be your first big step to heal Vaginismus and Dyspareunia.
You learn practical tools, exercises, life experiences, to start implementing already today in your own life.


This is only for women who are truly ready to step up in their lives, taking responsibility and choosing themselves.

These women are on a MISSION, they are here on earth to make the difference.

This course is for you when you are curious about The Mysterious Tantric Way of Life and want to Awaken your Sensuality in a very effective, joyful, and pleasurable way with proven methods.

It is for you if you like to feel more alive and passionate.
It is for you if you like to invite more pleasure and intimacy in your life.
It is for you, if you choose to love yourself more and more every single day.
It is for you if you are ready to write your next chapter in life!

Being Sensual, Successful and Spiritual is your BIRTHRIGHT!

It is for those women, who are new in the field and also for the ones who have already lots of  experience - yet they want to deepen their spiritual and sensual practice.

You are very welcome love!


An unforgettable journey!

11 weeks of pure joy and bliss, plus facing the dark and the light!
Learning all kind new things, exercises, tools, magical practices, videos, audios, and lectures.
A Tantric Way of Life with sensuality, personal development and meditation as prio!

Something you really have to know is what you put in there is what you get out of it eventually..

Every week you will receive a mystical assignment!
Saturday, 11 minutes after 11, we do recommend you to practice at least 30 minutes per day.
Yet in the first couple of days, I highly recommend you to have one hour for practice.
And of course, if you have 90 minutes every day, you can go deeper, and really embrace the practice so it can enter your life easily! It becomes a beautiful habit.
Well, basically, better said you become the practice and that's of course, what we are aiming for?

This program Receiving Life & Love has changed my life forever and that of many other women out there.

And already a few women have finished the course as well, life changing results, and 100% customer satisfaction so far!
We only just started……recently

This program has changed my life forever.
For 38 years I traveled the globe to get treatments from the most well-known doctors and therapists, invested more than 100.000 euros in training and workshops, and worked with the best teachers in the world. I was given up many times, and was told that I could never heal.

At the age of 38 I lost my virginity: opened up and said goodbye to the pain forever, and totally fell in love with Life and Love!

My baby ‘Receiving Life & Love is to say fully Yes to this Life, move from Pain to Passion with all there is and with all there is not.

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A message from Humita for you:

Are you ready to live your best LIFE?

Are you allowing yourself to be your number 1 priority?

Do you realize that you can get more out of your current life?

This journey is for women who are done playing small and are ready to take the first steps toward embracing their femininity FULLY.
If you are, I love to be your guide, teacher and biggest cheerleader!

I can't wait to get started and see you shine!

Please fill In your details below to register at the special discounted rate today.
Let me show you the magic I discovered on my journey and find out how it will change your life too.

See you soon.

With Love, Humita


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Submit your application today to make sure you have a chance to get a

one-on-one VIP session of 90 minutes with Humita Premmiela herself.



Get to know your Sensual Self in

surprising new ways.

Find acceptance. joy and hope for a

mystical future.


Learn easy and effective tools to start

making a change right today.


Experience the benefits of receiving life and love.

Humita's magical guidance while being

held in a safe container for the

duration of the 11 week Journey.

After 11 weeks you'll feel excitement, creative, joyful, more pleasure in your life and with confidence"


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