Hello love!

Honor to have you here with me.
The paradigm of the feminine has started and is fully blossoming. This has been predicted by many ancient spiritual traditions that do not communicate with one another, yet all express the same powerful message. 

To bring this world back into balance it is of utmost importance that we women reveal our ancient, wise, and radiant feminine essence - becoming the woman we are suppose to be.

What happens when you Activate your Sacred Feminine?
Many of us never really experienced the real magic in lovemaking, the one which keeps expanding and evolving, enriches your relationship and your life,  it literally only gets better.

I call my Mastermind - the container of unconditional love and magic.

This is the sacred field where we celebrate life, clear old stuff, and own our desires.

This Mastermind is where we women really open up and show ourselves raw and real, embrace our femininity and pleasure, discover the Art of Sensuality and develop our own Tantric Lifestyle. 

The opportunity to prepare yourself for the next chapter of your life, the best one ever!

This will be the 4th time hosting this Mastermind, and the program has a 99% client satisfaction score which is extraordinary!


Humita Premmiela 

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Why do women join?


Women join to be surrounded by the most amazing women in the world. 

Women join to experience the highest form of self-worth and unshakable self-love. 

Women join to fall in love with their bodies. 

Women long to live a Tantric Lifestyle, where they feel liberated and peaceful every day. 

Women join to activate their inner fire and juices.  

Women join to deepen their intimacy and spice up their relationship with their partner, family, or kids. 

Women join to discover their new path and start to write a new chapter of their Lifebook!

How do you feel after the Mastermind?

After only 3 months you deeply connect with your Feminine like never before. This program has 99% client satisfaction. 

What more to say, this program is the ‘go-to’ for every female being in the world. 

First and foremost you become more loving and kind as a female being. 

Within you, you experience a deep sense of , of arrived home in the body and mind, and self-love.

Through the deepened connection with yourself, the intimacy with the other is improved.

Life seems lighter and more joyful.

Your sense of overall well-being deepens, and you shine more brightly.

Embracing your life force energy and sensuality in a conscious way gives rise to deep insights, inspiration, and creativity. When this energy is in nature‘s flow, living gets easier, the future feels optimistic and positive to you.

The daily benefits of the Tantric Lifestyle are multiplying every single day. And this is a 100% knowing as I am the proof of the pudding!

Ready to create the most epic love story of your life? 
There is more harmony and understanding within your relationship.
Yes with your beloved, as well as kids, parents, siblings, and colleagues.
There is less suffering and irritation, the controversy between egos, and therefore, fewer emotional ups and downs that disturb love.

The awakening of the wild feminine can be a challenging journey. It requires immense bravery and deep devotion. 

Therefore, it is not for everyone, because it requires commitment and dedication. It is for those beautiful souls out there who are really ready, and want to level up their lives. Those who feel the time is now.

From working with more than 1000 women all over the world, one-on-one and in groups for more than 12 years now, Humita Premmiela has identified the core challenges women can struggle with and this Mastermind offers the chance to overcome these.

The Mastermind addresses a delicate and complex subject. And yet 90% of women worldwide are all struggling with the same intimacy, lack of worthiness, and severe body challenges. Exactly the same, you are not the only one!

The Female Way is the void where you can dive deep into the Unknown, to live your happiest and juicy life ever

~Humita Premmiela


How do you know this is for you?

Sweetheart, are you ready to choose yourself?

To step up, really choose you?

Are you done with playing small and holding back, it is the most valuable course out there
to get back in touch with their Awakened Sensual Self..

This Mastermind has been designed to speak directly to your feminine heart,
from Source to your intuitive wisdom. 

It will speak to the deepest part of your being and allow you to remember
once more how divine and powerful you truly are. 


How does it exactly work?

This is the richest program out there. Trust me.

It contains:

🌙  Mastermind of like-minded women worldwide

🌙 7 steps Sacred Feminine Activation live

🌙 The Art of Sacred Sensuality 11 modules



is a group of like-minded women lifting each other up, sharing, and supporting unconditionally!
A magic field where we are greater than judgment, jealousy, and all that other disturbing conditions.

In the Mastermind, we are together with the most amazing like-minded beings from all over the world.


Sacred Feminine Activation

Every 2 weeks we come together online for 2 hours to experience the Quantum Method of Sacred Feminine Activation.
This Quantum Method is taking over the world rapidly.
This 7-step model will be shared with you in the bi-weekly live sessions.

Recordings are available.

You will be given transmissions from Humita Premmiela and other internationally known teachers on the topic to further ground your understanding of the teachings.


The Art of Sacred Sensuality

11 modules
Each week, you will receive a module that will have a lecture, video or audio teaching, or meditation from Humita Premmiela on a fundamental principle of embodiment work. Modules include The Tantric Archetypes, Tantric Way of Life, Masculine and Feminine embodiment, polarities, light shadow-work, sensuality, passion, and intimacy, meeting your Future Self, and transmuting old beliefs into new possibilities.

Every 2 weeks after you have received the module, you will join a group call with Humita and/or Guest Teacher, where you can bring questions and participate in group embodiment practices with other practitioners around the world.



Return on Love 

You gain by taking a seat in a mastermind.

The capabilities of what you gain:
Return on Love for you, others, and the world. 
Return on Passion, Pleasure, and Power. 
Return on Life, Trust, and your Feminine Magic. 

Sisterhood gatherings 

Throughout the program, there will be a Sacred Sisterhood Community available to share reflections and ask questions on what’s coming up for you as you dive deeper into the arc of practice.

You’ll complete each of the Modules with an Accountability System to help you integrate what you learned and step powerfully and intentionally into the next teaching. 

The Facilitators

Humita Premmiela is an innovator in the field of personal power and growth, and her work is seen as very loving with great impact. She ensures that people of all ages develop fully through empowerment and embodiment. In the past decade, she has coached and inspired over 1,000 amazing souls to live a shamelessly extraordinary life! Many people saw their dreams come true, stepped into their authentic power, and chose to live their most joyful life. They feel safe and seen while working with Humita, and their transformation is quite remarkable!

For those of you who don’t know her; Humita is a true Tantrika, and first walked this path herself, from 0 to 100 we might say. She came from far.

Besides being a successful Transformation Coach nowadays, Humita is CEO of The Female Way Academy, a successful podcast from tropical locations in the world, and she is currently writing her first book in Tulum Mexico.


Can you imagine knowing who you are and how to think to achieve the things you want in life?
Now can you imagine knowing that before you were even a teenager?
It may sound crazy, but that’s exactly how things were for the truly inspiring therapist and coach, Liane den Hartog.
Liane transformed an unsettled and unhappy childhood into a powerful penchant for introspection, which she eventually would parlay into her work helping her clients to listen to their own minds and live from their hearts.

After studying Philosophy and Theology, Liane worked in the corporate world for several years: Heineken NV, Andersen, Ernst&Young.
Liane started her Coaching Business in 1991 as one of the first coaches in the Netherlands.
She is seen as one of the best therapists in the Industry, because of her special effective approach and results with clients.

With her coaching, you do not learn tricks or dogmas but are primarily focused on bringing yourself back into your personal power.
In her sessions, she creates safety, has a 'non-duality' attitude, is non-judgmental, and she believes in the infinite potential and autonomy of each individual.
Her approach is both psychological and practical with high no-nonsense content.



All the way from India she will join us, and she is a part of our Mastermind. 
She was born in a real Tantric family in Calcutta India and that’s where she is still living right now.

You have a chance to receive a Tantric Initiation from her.

Being in a session with Kaulika has been life changing for many women who went before you.
Her presence and sounds are truly divine and prepare yourself for a transformation.

You are here on earth to live a shameless extraordinary beautiful life with ease and grace. Your life is where you fully surrender to love, embrace the dept of your presence, and discover the magic of your essence. The time is now love!

- Humita Premmiela


Feeling safe and protected in your own body and like never before. 

Open your heart to life in ways that you didn’t know it was possible. 

Embodying your feminine essence fully and unapologetically. 

Being able to trust your intuitive wisdom fully and totally. 

Healing the world and the collective through your authentic being-ness.
As of now, you are the leader! 

Attracting a conscious lovely man with ease or deepening and evoking the deepest depth of your beloved you are currently relating with. 


Questions you might have?

I am not a dreamer. 

How do I know?
I fall in love with my body at the age of 38!  

This is my masterpiece, this is my signature program. 

Studies + own experience = magic

-Humita Premmiela





Becoming the woman you are supposed to be! 

Finding your uniquenesses and owning it. 

Your own Female Way. 


Welcome to the Healed Feminine …

Becoming more of you. 


That women find their own uniqueness and own it fully and totally!
I mean there is so much beauty out there offered, in form of coaches, teachers, and courses. And they support you for sure. We need them during this amazing Human Experience. Yet, in the end, it is only about you finding your Unique Female Way.

 That we all choose a shameless extraordinary life and move over shame and taboo. 

Being the proof myself, that this life is to be lived to the fullest. That loving yourself will be rewarded by the universe loving us back. (Constant reminder) 

I sincerely love this life. 

Her magic and possibilities. 

It isn’t always a walk in the park trust me, yet I believe we can make the best out of it! 

Thank you for being you and showing up. I know from my own experience that this takes courage and deep trust in life!

And you know what love, I am so proud of you, of me, of us.

This will be the best year of my life! 

Are you joining me? 


Love Humita Premmiela

I like to join now