The Female Way Tribe

Women from all over the world come together.

Everyone who feels like a female being is very welcome.

Joining this tribe can be your opportunity to tap into your infinite potential of your empowered and embodied Feminine!

The Woman you are suppose To Be!

The Tribe is the magic field where we come together to celebrate life, play, grow and be the best version of ourselves.

‘When women gather, magic occurs’
We need to be together to support, share and lift each other up!
The power of belonging without evidence, and her great benefits.

The Female Way Tribe is a community of inspiring, courageous, sweet, and authentic women from all over the world. We live from the heart and dedicate life to love!
Each living our true potential and longing to shine our light every day!

This is for you when you are truly convinced that you deserve only the best life and that you can have it all: a life full of prosperity, love, and abundance. 

You are very welcome to join, the Tribe can be your place to manifest your desires and where dreams come through!

Just FYI, the precursor to this program has a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

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There is so much beauty out there offered, in form of coaches teachers, and courses. And they support you for sure. We need them during this amazing Human Experience. Yet in the end, it is only about you finding your Unique Way - The Female Way.

The Female Way is the void where you can dive deep into the Unknown, to live your happiest and juicy life ever.

A place where you are accepted the way you are.
Nothing has to change, you are perfect the way you are.
A place where we celebrate you, all of you!
A place where you can find your authentic voice and direction in life.
A place where we celebrate your feminine, all of you.
A place where you can experience pleasure, joy, and playfulness.
A place where we can dive deep into intimacy and sensuality.
A place where we move over shame and taboo.
A place where we can be you!

Everything is already inside of you. Maybe you just forgot, and you need a little wake-up call.

We know that Happiness has nothing to do with just luck and everything to do with giving, supporting others, and sharing meaningful experiences with the people we deeply love and care for. Happiness is a state of mind and a conscious choice.

The tend and befriend response is natural for females in times of stress. When women come together to heal, share their stories, and celebrate, something magical happens. The entrainment of feminine essence when we are together increasing oxytocin production, which gives us that good feeling.

15 years of experience, I will share my gold and magic with you - and I am with you for a whole year.

When women get together to laugh and cry, it makes them softer and more beautiful. We all love to be heard, seen, and understood.

Weekly lectures, meditations and guiding. Monthly meetings. All to celebrate life and you, to enjoy and grow!

You are so welcome to join us today!

Join now and receive weekly transmissions from Humita.

And every month Humita will be live with you in an online Mystical Session!

This program is value for money. The longest program ever, for the lowest price ever. There is literally no excuse not to join. See you soon….

As a Tribe member you experience that Magic is a Way of Living - more than 15 years of experience, the best teachings, meditations & methods and female practices that are dedicated to personal development, healing, and inner growth in which we unleash the Lakshmi Goddess defined in all of us.

You will not only find the key to infinite creativity, focus and inspiration, but you become an empowering and embodied Feminine. An example to your friends, loved ones and family.

For me, for you and for all of us!

Life is an abundant flow of positive and powerful energy. When you become a Female Tribe member and you align with that loving force of energy you become a magnet for more of it.


Member of the The Female Way Tribe

- 52 weekly Transmission from Humita personally
- 12 Live Mastery meetings online 60 minutes 
- 10% discount on all TFW programs and retreats (when joining 12m)
- TFW Tribe exclusive Sisterhood platform

The Female Way Tribe Monthly Live Session

Jan 30th
Feb 6th
March 6th
April 3rd
May 1st
June 5th
July 3rd
Aug 7th
Sept 4th
Oct 2nd
Nov 6th
Dec 4th

These dates are guidelines and might change occasionally.

When you get passionate about something and lead from a place of joy and love, immediately life itself starts to show you the way.

Welcome in My World sweetheart!

Do you know this feeling when life is working out For You!

You have the power to align with whatever it is you dream and desire. This alignment will always be positive and supportive for your life as long as you are in tune with your energetic power and doing the work.


Life is a choice.

It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness.

The Female Way Tribe is a way of living for the vulnerable, powerful women who choose to be happy and live life to the fullest each day, over and over again!